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Creativity Bundle - 120 Favourites

ITIJ Creativity Presets for Adobe Lightroom  DESKTOP includes 120 high quality presets specially designed for Adobe Lightroom Desktop. 


This pack is a combination of Adventures Preset Pack, Paradise Preset Pack and 63 other creative and beautiful presets that are not yet sold separately. This is an ultimate photo editing bundle that has everything you need! I use exactly these Daily to get my favourite tones and mood out of every single image. You will love this one! 


As each preset is different with its own color combinations, white balance, contrast and other small details, you need to test and see which one would be most suitable and perfect for your image conditions. Yes - you may have to change exposure or white balance but it’s so simple to get your perfect tones out of each image when you master these sets. 


Compatible with Adobe Lightroom Desktop.

Creativity Bundle - 120 Favourites

149,00 €Price
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